• Selection Procedure

    The selection process for full-time employment overseas is complicated and lengthy. Generally, an international internship is the start of a permanent position overseas.
    The hiring process involved in overseas work is varied and unpredictable. Factors that affect lead times:.
    ►Internet job sites have shortened the search and selection process considerably..
    ►Employers overseas maintain extensive data lists of qualified candidates from which the selection is made. A candidate who is contacted for one of these projects might have to wait for up to a year, so it is essential to keep your resume updated and be in touch with potential employers..
    ►Lead times for teaching and UN positions are known well in advance..
    ►Verification processes can take up to six months..
    ►Organize your affairs to leave at a short notice..
    ►Remember that even if you have been rejected, you should still keep in touch as last minute refusals often create openings..

    The Decision Makers

    Hiring decisions for international placements are usually made by managers of departments looking for candidates..
    1. Human Resources DepartmentIt is best to get information from the HR department on what positions are available and who the contact person would be..
    2. International DivisionAs most North American organizations have separate international divisions, it is important for job seekers to specifically apply to international divisions for overseas placements..
    3. Large Firms and Government InstitutionsOrganizations whose entire focus is international need a dual approach, of targeting the specific department as well as the human resources department..
    4. Small Firms and NGO'sIn a small firm it would be best to speak to the CEO or President regarding your application..
    Ideal Selection Procedures The professionalism of a company can be judged by the thoroughness by which it conducts the selection process. Beware of companies that disregard standard procedures..

    Some important issues to keep in mind during the selection procedure are:

    ►The listed job description in the advertisement should include specific descriptions..
    ►The interview should be conducted by managers who have themselves had international experience..
    ►Information about the country should be given on basics of living including housing, schooling, medical facilities, recreation, cultural traditions, language etc..
    ►Your spouse should be interviewed and given an orientation session as stress in family leads to the majority of failures in international postings..

    The Contract

    ►Before signing a contract, clarify all benefits you will receive. It is crucial to know the industry standards so you may evaluate the offer. Smaller organizations that do not have preset salary packages will require personal negotiation. It is essential to cover all possible costs and scenarios and allocate responsibilities before signing a contract..


    ►Remember to have a signed contract before making any irreversible action. Verbal promises, guarantees or assurances are not legally binding and have given a bad name to international placements. Negotiating a contract that suits you personally and covers your requirements is crucial for a successful stint overseas..

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